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Project Leader News & Notes

Welcome Project Leaders!

Thank you for continuing to support Independence 4-H Club youth.  The 2023-2024 year has started. Please look to enrolling and completing Project Leader training as soon as possible.  The County has a new enrollment system this year and that means all Project Leaders need to complete full Project Leader Training,  even if you are a returning Project Leader.  Thank you for your patience and continued commitment as we know enrollment and training does take time.   

Like last year, we will be adding project dates to the club calendar. We would like to avoid conflicts between projects meetings therefore if we can do our best at not trying to schedule project meetings on the same dates/times as other project meetings; it would be greatly appreciated. Be please sure to check the club calendar when determining your meeting dates.
Click HERE for the Project Leader Planning Checklist
Click HERE for current infomation for leading in-person 4H meetings during COVID.

Being a project leader is such a wonderful gift you give our 4H youth. Thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with our club!

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