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February Zoom Meeting

Call Meeting to Order: Millie Wright

Welcome to our February 4-H Meeting! This page will supplement our Zoom Meeting on Wednesday, February 16th from 6:30 to 7:30 pm. You should have received an email with the agenda and Zoom link.

Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge

4h pledge.jpg

Claire Pederson and Wyatt Jones will lead the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.  For our new members, here is the 4-H Pledge.

Roll Call: Joey Harriman

Joey, our attendance secretary, will be taking roll during zoom. Please type your full name and names of any guests into the chat box. If you attend all General Club Meetings and complete a record book, you will earn a 100% Attendance Pin for your hat.

Approval of Minutes: Rowan

Rowan, our Recording Secretary, prepares the minutes, which is a record of what happens at our General Meetings. Members review the minutes and then vote to approve them at the following meeting. Here are our minutes from last month.

Treasurer's Report: Clay McDonell

Clay, our Treasurer, does all the bookkeeping for the Club and prepares a monthly financial report to share with the members.

For the month of January, the total income was a whopping $4115.75!!! The total expense for the month was $126.28. The closing balance was $9109.57!!!


Correspondence Report: Lauren Brady

Lauren, our Correspondence Secretary, sends thank you notes and other letters and records any incoming correspondence on behalf of the club. 

For the month of January, I sent out letters to Kathleen Coates from The Press Democrat, Amie Windsor from the Sonoma County Gazette, John Ramos from KPIX Channel 5 News, Zoe Strickland from SoCoNews, Jeffrey Schaub from KCBS Radio. Those were all people who gave us TV segments or articles. These people gave a donation of $40 or more to the Goat Tree Fundraiser: Debbie Kobbler, Jill Wesselkamper, Matthew Meigs, Donna Jean Bley, Maria Casey, Angela Cloud, Joe Guerrero, The Gallaway family, Scott and Cerena Cain, Debbie McAfee, Andrea Trinei, Vinnie Cilurzo, Angela Struckman, Dani Sheehan-Meyer, and Adam Lee all got a letter.

Committee Reports

Beth will present any highlights during the zoom meeting, but please read the meeting summary for all the information.

Old Business


1) Presentation Day (Quinn--during the meeting)

2) Cloverdale Citrus Fair (Millie)

The Cloverdale Citrus Fair was postponed until April 21st. Please visit their website for more details. The Cloverdale Fair is a great fair to show at or submit entries to, especially if it is your first time.  Here is the link for more info.

3) Spring Project Update (Mindy)

Thank you to all the project leaders who offered new sessions for the spring semester. Families who signed up after the January meeting should have been contacted by the project leader with meeting details. Please email Mindy if you have any questions.

4) Chickenque Update (Mindy)

The Chickenque is set to be in person on Sunday May 1st. More details to follow. If you can help by attending the representative meetings on February 24th, March 24th & April 28th please let Mindy know. The meetings are set to meet in person at 7pm at the Youth Ag and Leadership Center in Rohnert Park. The representative helps by making sure our club knows all the deadlines (for things like ticket sales, the poster contest, etc.,) as well as any new information about this year's event. Thank you for considering to help with this!

New Business


1) Fashion Revue (Satleen--during the meeting)

2) 2022 4H Camp (Wilder--during the meeting)

3) Proposed Changes to 2021-2022 Budget (Millie and Clay)

Vote to increase funding for the following line items from the club annual budget.

  • Youth and Leader appreciation

  • Parties/Team Building

  • Project Grants

  • Awards Program


Presentation from Joanne Gross–American Sign Language (Wilder)

Community Service

January Dog Tug project update and February Community Service Event (Leo)


Anyone who made dog toys for the Community Service Activity last month may drop them off at Leo’s house February 15-18th, 500 High Street in Sebastopol. There will be a 5-gallon bucket with a lid labeled 4-H on the steps.

Sign up to volunteer with the club outdoors at REFB on Thursday 3/3 from 5-7pm! Please plan on a 4:45 arrival. Please email any questions to  All ages welcome but each attendee must register separately. Create an account and sign up here

Minors will need to bring the printed waiver to the REFB in order to participate.

Here are some videos about the Redwood Empire Food Bank.

Healthy Living


How Much Water Do You Need? (Harman)

Newsletter Kahoot (Quinn, Millie, Leo and Clay)


  1. Anyone late check-in with Joey so you are not marked as absent.

  2. Prize Bin will resume at our next in-person meeting.

  3. Next Meeting Wednesday March 16 at 6:30pm

Thank you for visiting our February Meeting Page!

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