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April 8th General Meeting

Pre-Meeting Recreation: Harman Gill

Backyard Zipline for Toys


Hello everyone! I would like to introduce a simple project to all of you. It can be done at home and it's a lot of fun. I made this for Maker class for school. I didn't need to buy anything new. All the material was from home.  The passengers can be your toys, books, or some snacks.  Stay safe and have fun!

Call Meeting to Order: Mia Wesselkamper

Welcome to the first ever Virtual Independence 4-H Meeting! We have tried to include everything we would have at a normal meeting, from attendance to community service. This is also a very special meeting because it is the club election - so don't forget to vote! I know I speak for the entire Executive Board when I say we miss all of our incredible 4-H families and we hope you are doing well! 

Pledge of Allegiance: Tyler Buchanan 

4H Pledge: Claire Pederson

Roll Call: Satleen Gill

Approval of Minutes: Mia

Treasurer's Report: Clay McDonell

For the month of March, there was no income. The total expense for the month was $330.59 from the sewing project and snacks for our general meeting. The closing balance was $9324.46.

Correspondence Report: Leo McDonell

There was no correspondence in or out, for the club in March

Programming: Social "Dish"tancing with

Millie Wright

Committee Reports



Spring Egg Hunt: Kathleen Larrain

The organizers were very sad that it had to be cancelled. They hope that we will participate next year. My mom and I want to thank everyone who volunteered to share their animals at the event. We hope that all of the people who volunteered this year will be able to attend next year's event.

African Library Project: Mia Wesselkamper

I have been in contact with the African Library Project and in light of everything going on right now, all shipping deadlines have been extended. I am holding all the books we have collected thus far in my garage and we will reschedule our packing day as soon as it is deemed safe. If you have entertained yourself with some spring cleaning and have more books to donate, we will definitely accept more donations before that packing date. Thank you! 


The Sonoma County 4-H Open House and ChickenQue is going virtual on May 1 (sadly without the BBQ chicken). Listen to The Bull 93.7 on Friday, May 1 from 9am to 12pm for a Radiothon to support Sonoma County 4-H with interviews, promotional spots and highlights of the 4-H program. Ticket sales for $15 continue - although without the lunch. Those purchasing tickets will receive a virtual thank you and either a limited edition event shirt or hat with ticket purchase.

At-Home Community Service: Mia


Hi everyone! I hope you are staying healthy and safe! I just wanted to remind you all of a great community service project that can be done at home to help keep families sane while under shelter-in-place orders - Project Linus! Making Project Linus blankets are a great way to keep busy at home while also helping the community. Joann Fabric and Craft Stores are having a huge sale on fleece and you can order online and choose free curbside pickup at

If you are interested, the specifics include:

  • Anti-pill plush fleece - there are a lot of fun patterns to choose from!

  • Make sure it is on sale - they have 50-70% off sales all the time. 

  • You have to order in complete yards, so to make two of the standard 1 ½ yard blankets order three yards and cut in half. 

  • I have attached the instructions on how to make these blankets below.

Let me know if you have any questions! We can arrange where and when to drop off donations later.

New Business: Elections

It's time for club officer elections! Special thanks to everyone who has been participating in the process--we had many nominations! And thank you to Mia and Millie for creating this election platform so we could keep connected online.

Now it's time for you to meet your candidates and vote for your 2020-21 Club Officers. You will want to click the button below, which will take you to our club election site. You'll be able to find out more about the elected-position candidates and why they are running by reading their candidate statements and watching their campaign speeches. You 'll see photos of all of our fantastic 4-H'ers volunteering for non-elected positions as well.

Then it will be time to cast your online ballot. You should have received your Voter ID number on Tuesday from Mindy. Email her at if you didn't. You will need that ID to vote. Our "voting polls" close April 12th and then the votes will be tallied and confirmed by several 4-H parents and then results announced shortly afterwards.

Healthy Living Report: Quinn Craven-Pittman

Today’s Healthy living activity will be about protecting yourself from the flu, and more likely the CoronaVirus, and how to stay away from it. Most of you young folks shouldn’t be scared for your lives, but should be cautious for people above 50. There are cases in Sonoma County, so all of this information is currently relevant to staying away from the Virus. One of the easiest things to do is to wash your hands before eating, after visiting a public place, and after opening doors. Hand Sanitizer would work great as well. You should limit visiting older people, and when it gets very serious in Sonoma County, limit all public meetings. Most of the symptoms are the same as the flu.


You could experience a fever, a cough, or shortness of breath. Another super important thing during this stressing times is Self-Care. There are many ways that you can do good Self-Care. Call your friends on FaceTime, Play a family game, do art, listen to music, spend time with a pet, share how you are feeling, write or journal, have some alone time. Move your body, practice mindfulness, and always stay hydrated. That wraps up today Healthy Livings Segment, and remember to stay healthy.

Thank you for visiting our April Meeting Page!

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